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A little help

As told to Jonathan Donovan

I really feel privileged that she can come and talk to me.

A little help © Jonathan Donovan A little help © Jonathan Donovan

Deborah Since I came to London, I think this is the first time I actually found someone who really cares about me.

She's a good friend to me.

Mrs Haar And we are very happy together. We don't even have to compromise. Things just click and fall into place without us having to say much about it.

We're there for each other, and I think that is a very important thing.

Deborah Basically, I come from a countryside place, very quiet, so I'm always been looking for a more exciting place to live in but I always struggle to get to know someone deeply, to find that sort of family environment. Every time I come back home she's always waiting for me with a smile and that makes me feel really happy and I think it's the same sort of culture that I used to have in my place in Italy.

Mrs H If I may say so, to me she's more like my daughter but I do try not to encroach on her privacy. I try to curb myself in asking too many questions. But with Deborah, I don't have to very worry because I think she would tell me.

Deborah When I met Mrs Haar the first time, I was a bit worried because before knowing Mrs Haar I used to have like a life without any routine. I used to have dinner at midnight, 11pm, 9pm. So with Mrs Haar I had to find a sort of daily routine which I was a bit frightened at the beginning. And actually, I have to say, it was the best thing that ever happened to me. I feel actually even more balanced.

Mrs H If Deborah is a bit down she will come and talk to me and I feel very privileged that she does that.

We try and discuss things and I hope that sometimes I'm a little help!

Deborah She is!

Mrs H No, I do. I really feel privileged that she can come and talk to me, you know, if, if things are not quite right.

Deborah I ask her a lot about how to match my jewellery and clothes, so I do love the fact that she got such a great taste! So, I do love it!

Mrs HThat, I must say, pleases me very much. Deborah had a fair from her work and she went out and bought some beautiful jewellery and we were sitting here discussing what she should wear and I felt really privileged!

I’m 94 and she is 32 and that she trusted my judgement, I really felt 10 feet tall.

This photograph and interview is part of a series called No Place Like Home by Jonathan Donovan. It is part of the Museum's Documenting Homes collection.

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