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Colour arrangement

The placement of colours within the Psyche-Selfie can tell us a lot about how the corresponding emotions exist in your subconscious. We can borrow from Carl Jung's theory on space symbolism.

According to Carl Jung's theory, space symbolism is based on collective human experience and can be analysed in a similar way to how we interpret pictures, by looking at where things are positioned.

The left side is related to the sinister, the dark side and the past, while the right side is connected to the bright side and the future. In the same way, the upper part is connected to elevation, inspiration and growing-up, while the bottom part is connected to roots and grounding.

The diagram below shows what the different spatial positions mean.

Vis Colour Arrangement

The left-right symbolism can be explained by the following fact: the movement from left to right seems to be connected to the development in time for human beings all over the world. Even languages that are written from right to left, as is the case with Arabic or Chinese, the numbers 1 2 3 4 5... are written from left to right.

Moreover, we all experience growth on earth connected to 'growing up', that is down-up. This provides the basis for understanding the archetypal dimension of space symbolism.


Reference for Carl Jung's theory on space symbolism

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