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Word selection

All the words you entered are associated with your idyllic happy place.

The words that you entered first have deeper connections in your subconscious mind to the concept Happy Place than the words you entered further down the line.

The artificial intelligence software used the first six words that you submitted as these were your immediate reactions and therefore hold much more importance to you.

In psychology, it is believed that word association can reveal a lot of information about a person's subconscious mind.

Carl Jung, the famous Swiss psychiatrist and founder of analytical psychology, theorised that people connect ideas, feelings, and experiences by way of associations, and that these links are made deep in the subconscious. He named these groupings 'complexes'.

Although we did not use your other words in the Psyche-Selfie we have saved them in our database and will use them in our ongoing research.


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Reference for Carl Jung's complexes

Theodore Abt. Introduction to Picture Interpretation, according to C G Jung. Zurich: Living Human Heritage Publications; 2005. Available here:

Further reading

More about Sigmund Freud and free association technique / dream symbol, available here:

Visualogical has provided all analysis, references and source material

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