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We reopen on Saturday 12 June 2021

Green roof

A garden for climate crisis and the 21st century

Designed for the future

As cities become more crowded and green space is lost to urban development, people are transforming the most underused part of a building – the roof.

Although slow to catch on in Britain due to the dominance of pitched, sloping roofs, green roofs are increasingly popular as they keep the building cool in summer, soak up rainfall and encourage wildlife, creating a habitat in an otherwise barren space.

Our roof garden is filled with plants that require little water and have shallow roots that can thrive in limited soil.

Catmint and chives

Nepeta racemosa and Allium schoenoprasum

Spoon flower and Spanish dagger

Dasylirion wheeleri and Yucca gloriosa

Sow a seed appeal

Help us replant our gardens

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