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Making home

Home is more than a house. From boats to bedrooms, homes come in many shapes and sizes. Some may not be the safe spaces we dream of, they may be temporary lodgings or a makeshift shelter.

Over the last 400 years, people have embraced and endured a range of home circumstances, proving that home can be made in many different ways.

Stories to look out for

Object number 271/2011 Object number 271/2011

Our flat! Christmas 1911

In 1911, Isa Gibson and her friend Peggy shared a flat in London. This small album of photographs is a record of the two young professionals as they made their home together in the city.

Object number 529/2011-58 Object number 529/2011-58

New surroundings, 2011

Born in Bangladesh, Mrs SA moved to England with her husband when she was 15. She has lived in her current home for 23 years, but still remembers the kindness her first landlady showed her when she was settling in to her new surroundings.

Object number 179/2015 Object number 179/2015

Letter from Thomas Adams, 1759

After moving to London from Alnwick to become a solicitor, Thomas Adams regularly wrote to his mother Elizabeth. In his letters he describes his new life in the city, but also shares stories of family and friends back in Northumberland.


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