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Illustration of a house bunny

Find out more about Leon

What type of pet is Leon?

Leon is a lionhead house bunny. 

How old is Leon?

He is nearly 8 years old, which is pretty old for a rabbit

Leon loves…


Eating hay and vegetables.

Chilling with his bunny friend Buster.

Leon hates

He hates cats and is scared of dogs.

Best thing about Leon

He's adventurous, naughty and great fun to be around. He's also calming to be around.

Leon's funny habits

If he's happy he'll do a theatrical flop and roll onto his side.

When he's asleep his mouth makes little chewing motions, like he's dreaming about eating.

He can get super enthusiastic and do 100 mile per hour zoomies around the living room.

He sometimes lies down with his back legs out in a 'superman' pose, or tucks all his legs in like a little bunny loaf.

Leon's worst habits

Chewing carpet. Chewing books. Chewing everything!

He's happiest running free – but everything gets slightly nibbled. Every wire and cable needs to be bunny-proofed.

Leon's naughtiest moment

He's not very friendly with cats and loves to give them the stink-eye.

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