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Illustration of a brown terrier dog

Find out more about Roughie

What type of pet is Roughie?

Roughie is a Skye terrier dog.

What does Roughie look like?

He is mustard-yellow, with black ears. You can't see his little legs because he has so much hair.

Roughie loves…

Rolling onto his back and having his tummy tickled.

Roughie hates...

The cat.

Best thing about Roughie

He is brave as a lion.

He is cheerful and comical about the house.

Roughie's funny habits

His feet patter very fast on the floor and his feathery tail whisks about in a circle.

Roughie's worst habits

Straying off when going for walks and coming back all stinky.

Brushing his muddy tail on the walls and carpets.

Roughie's naughtiest moment

He went missing once but he came back soon after.

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