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Rhymes Through Time

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Written, introduced and read by Valerie Bloom

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Spot the difference in The Dinner

Here are the modern day changes you may have spotted on the right hand artwork

  • Head of the table is a woman
  • The boy in grey has changed to Gus
  • The stool is now a chair
  • Mobile phone
  • Takeaway drink
  • Burger
  • The spoon is now a fork
  • Bottle of cola
  • The woman has a moustache
  • The boy in blue is wearing red lipstick 

Maze game for What has happened to Gus?

All paths lead to a different future for Gus (anti-clockwise from top left)

  • Gus running away from slavery to freedom
  • Gus has studied at university and is reading a book by Leonardo Da Vinci
  • Gus has become a famous musician and is performing on stage
  • Gus and his friend meet up when they are older. Together they campaign for the abolition of slavery.
  • Gus has become a wealthy gentleman and is practising his fencing.
  • Gus is sailing away from Britain. Where do you think he is going?

Code game answers for Neat


Matching pairs answers for What Ladies Do

  • The only role that has not changed much since 1800 is a mother looking after her baby
  • The woman serving tea is now playing professional football (inspired by Casey Stoney)
  • The girl being laced into a corset to give her a fashionable figure is replaced with a musician performing on stage in a leotard and singing about body positivity (inspired by Lizzo)
  • The woman reading in private is replaced by a woman who has been to university and inspired the world (inspired by Michelle Obama)
  • The woman with pink cheeks who is sitting and smiling serenely is replaced by a young woman speaking out about issues that matter and inspiring people all over the world to campaign against climate change (inspired by Greta Thunberg)

The poems are copyright Valerie Bloom and Museum of the Home, the artwork is copyright Kremena Dimitrova and Museum of the Home.