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Drawing challenges

Art and culture is great for keeping us entertained and inspired.

And we can create our own art too!

Drawing can help us express emotions and help with anxiety.

This is an oil painting of Charlotte Bonham-Carter.

She spent a lot of her life supporting the arts, as well as young carers and older people.

Painting of a person with grey hair wearing a pink dress Portrait sketch of Charlotte Bonham-Carter oil on plastic, signed by Edward Wolfe, about 1976. Object number 155/1996


For these activities you will need a pencil, some coloured pencils and something to draw on.

Family portraits game

Start drawing someone you know so the other players can see your picture. Think of the details that make that person recognisable. How long does it take the players to guess who it is? How many different people can they guess?  

Under the microscope

Imagine you've got a microscope and go exploring! Pick three objects in the room that catch your eye. Inspect them closely. What details can you spot? Draw the shapes that you can see, then use colour to turn them into a pattern.

Take your pencil for a walk

Sketch an object in the room without taking the pencil off the piece of paper. Can you sketch the whole thing in one go? What’s the end result?

Don't look down!

Ask someone to sit in front of you and draw their face. Now draw them again but this time don't look down at your piece of paper as you draw. How has it turned out? How does it compare to your first drawing? You could also try drawing your own reflection. Remember, no peaking! 

And when you're done?

Sharing a drawing is a great way to show someone you are thinking of them. Why not share your drawings with a friend or family member you are looking forward to seeing soon.