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Things to do for families

A bit bored of your own four walls? Your home is still an amazing source of kindness, creativity and imagination!

We've designed these fun activities for children aged 5+, to do with their parents, carers or siblings.

We'd love to see what you've done! Email a photo or video to and we'll post some favourites on social media.

Be more polar

Polar bears isolate too!

Make a zine

Room with a view

What's outside your window?

Write a poem

Writing and calling

Who could you write to?

Write a card

Saying thank you

How can you say thank you?

Create a banner

Care to draw

Picture someone you care for

Draw a portrait

Keeping active

How are you keeping active?

Record your workout

Game time

What are you playing?

Devise a new game

Dear diary

What have you been up to?

Start a diary

New inventions

What could make things easier?

What will you invent?

Express your style

What's your room say about you?

Design a poster

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