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Exhibitions and installations

Explore temporary exhibitions and permanent installations on at the Museum.

Temporary exhibitions

Winter Past

The Museum's Rooms Through Time have been restyled for the Winter Festival with a multi-sensory storytelling approach, offering new sounds, smells, sights and stories across the room sets. Discover how winter has changed London homes through the last 400 years.

Real Rooms

More to explore in Rooms Through Time Continued

There are many stories and voices missing from our Rooms Through Time. We want to work with our visitors and communities to understand what the rooms could look like if we were to rethink who they are about.

Women's Weeds: The hidden history of women in medicine

Available on Bloomberg Connects

Women’s Weeds is an audio installation in our Gardens Through Time by Dr Romany Reagan, exploring the complex ways in which women contributed to science and why their stories have been lost.

Permanent installations


An ever changing composition of word and sound by writer Maria Fusco with composer Olivier Pasquet

In the Undercroft


A multimedia artwork by local schoolchildren exploring Hackney in 2050.

In the Rooms Through Time continued

Rhymes Through Time

Exploring the role of children in the home through poetry and interactive design.

Through the Rooms Through Time

Installations in the community

What's your cup of tea?

A project working with the local community in Hackney to create a custom tea blend.