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Open today 10am-5pm

How We Build Home

Tuesday 25 October 2022 to Sunday 15 January 2023 | Free - Lower Branson Coates

How We Build Home is a photography exhibition and interactive installation by artists and academics Azeezat Johnson and Wasi Daniju exploring the experiences of women of colour in the domestic space.

Using traditionally gendered techniques such as quilting, and documenting the process in zines and essays, they explore how we can make home with each other, even when we’re not physically in the same space.

Blanket Bujo Iro Gari, Home Is Here And There Blanket Bujo Iro Gari, Home Is Here And There
Our home-making practice is about being loved for who we are, who we’ve been, and the endless possibilities of who we might be.  It is us sitting in the knottedness of our embodied geographies with the care and love that we deserve.

How We Build Home is a project created and developed by GEM Collective initially in response to the Museum of the Home’s Rooms Through Time, and evolving into a particular exploration of how Black women build home, whether by and for themselves, or in relation.  Imagined by the late Dr. Azeezat Johnson, and developed with artist Oluwatosin Wasi Daniju, the project explores the many faces of home, those we have experienced, those we imagine, and the possibilities of home that we can build together.

While the physical manifestation of How We Build Home is present in the form of film, photography and installations, so much of its essence lay in the loving, challenging, questioning and comforting conversations between Azeezat and Oluwatosin over the past two years and more which created the foundation of much of the work on show.


The exhibition also features a large-scale patchwork quilt and zine, both created by the Women’s Group of the South London Refugee Association during the pandemic lockdown. The quarantine quilt was conceived as a project that the group members could work on collaboratively, despite physical separation. 

Throughout history, quilts have symbolised connection, particularly in all-female spaces, and working on this joint project helped the women’s group to overcome the isolation of lockdown. The quilt, and the stories behind it, reflect a space of compassion and joy, and feeling of strength in togetherness, created by the women’s group community.


Egbons, Aburos, Ife, Home Is Here And There Egbons, Aburos, Ife, Home Is Here And There
Zakiat, Home Is Here And There Zakiat, Home Is Here And There

About the creators of How We Build Home

Dr Azeezat Johnson

Dr Azeezat Johnson was a Postdoctoral Fellow in Human Geography at Queen Mary University of London whose research focused on centring bodies that are often marginalised as Other.  She co-edited a collection of writings,The Fire Now: anti-racist scholarship in times of explicit racial violence and produced work that offered new readings on Black feminisms, critical race studies, Muslims and Islamophbia, and so much more.
Azeezat founded Geographies of Embodiment (GEM) Research Collective to centre the lived experiences of those often othered in academia and beyond, and to emphasise the validity of embodiment and other sources of knowledge production. 

Oluwatosin Wasi Daniju

A qualified psychotherapist and an artist, Oluwatosin is a British-born Nigerian practitioner who uses photography and moving image to explore ideas around identity, home, loss and belonging from a person-centred therapeutic viewpoint. The thread of documenting runs through her work, whatever the genre; ultimately she sees photography first and foremost as an act of bearing witness. Her recent shows include IFE NKILI arts festival and Photofusion SALON/21.

Azeezat Johnson Azeezat Johnson