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We plan to reopen in early 2021

About the Museum

The story of our home

Read about the history of the Museum's home and how the Museum has changed over time

Our story

When will we reopen?

The impact of Covid-19 has delayed our reopening, planned for early next year. We hope to announce an opening date soon.

About our redevelopment

Stay Home collecting project

Share your experience

Take part as we document people's home lives during the coronavirus pandemic in the UK

About the project

Stories of home life under lockdown

Sheridan's contribution to Stay Home
Emily's contribution to Stay Home
Susannah's contribution to Stay Home
Eli M's contribution to Stay Home
Gareth J's contribution to Stay Home
Meg's contribution to Stay Home
Anna's contribution to Stay Home
Sharon's contribution to Stay Home

Activities for families to do at home

Be more polar

Polar bears isolate too!

Make a zine

Dear diary

What have you been up to?

Start a diary

Game time

What are you playing?

Devise a new game

Support us

Sow a seed appeal

Help us replant our gardens

Sponsor a tree or plant

Explore our stories

Behind the scenes
An insight into Hoxton past
Domestic gamechangers
Time to tune in
Q & A
Kate shares her thoughts about home
Behind the scenes
Finding all the features

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With your help we can use our collections and programmes to reveal and rethink the ways we live, in order to live better together.

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