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Adventures of a hibernating polar bear

How do you like to hibernate at home?

Female polar bears dig dens in the snow and sleep for four to eight months in the winter.

This ceramic ornament was designed by John Skeaping.

He was inspired by his visits to London Zoo.

Polar bear figure made from matte white glazed earthenware Polar bear figure made from matt white glazed earthenware, designed by John Skeaping in 1927 and manufactured by Wedgwood, Stoke-on-Trent, until 1950. Object number 177/1998


  • How do you think a polar bear prepares for hibernation?
  • What do you think a polar bear den looks like?
  • Can you write a story about a polar bear?
  • Could you make it into a zine (mini magazine)? 
  • Can you create your own den at home using chairs and a bed sheet? 

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