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Make a Doggy Sock Puppet

Make your own pet pal to love and play with at home.

Doggy Sock Puppet

Feathered, furry, or scaly, pets can bring lots of happiness to a home. 

Follow along with artist Gemma Gottelier and have a go at making your own puppet pet pal with materials you can find around the house.

Gemma made a doggy, but you can make any pet you like - maybe an unusual one, or a made up one!

You will need

  • an old sock, perhaps one of your socks has lost its pair…
  • a scrap of fabric (or recycle some old clothing)
  • buttons for eyes (or wiggly eyes, fabric, paper or card)
  • a button for a nose (or a pompom, or a fabric scrap)
  • a needle and thread (or glue)
  • Sharpie or felt tip
  • scissors
01 IMG 4302

1. The ears

03 Fold Fabric

Choose a fabric scrap for its ears. Fold the material in half.

04 IMG 4093

Draw an ear shape.

05 IMG 4095

Cut out the ear shape.

06 IMG 4106

Unfold the fabric.

07 IMG 4111

Cut two slits in the sock.

08 IMG 4116

Thread the ears through the slits.

2. The eyes

09 IMG 4190

Choose some old buttons for eyes. If you don't have buttons use fabric, or even paper or card.

10 IMG 4118

Sew or stick the buttons on. A glue gun will keep buttons on longer than a glue stick.

11 IMG 4193

You can add extra buttons like I did, but 2 buttons will also do! 

12 IMG 4195


13 IMG 4200

More sewing.

14 IMG 4229

Ta dah - your doggy has eyes!

3. The nose

15 Button Nose

Choose a button for the nose. Or you could use a pompom, or cut out some fabric in the shape of a dog's nose.

16 Pic 16 Sew Nose On

Sew or glue it on.

17 IMG 4237

Your doggy sock puppet has a nose

4. Finishing touches

20 IMG 4264

All you need is your hand to bring it alive! 

Dog puppet made from a stripey sock with buttons for eyes

Well done your doggy sock puppet’s complete!

Doggy Sock Puppet

Dress it up with a lovely collar! I used an old bow tie, or you could use a hair band, bracelet or recycled fabric - or you may have other ideas! 

18 Hand In Sock

How will you look after and play with your lovely doggy puppet at home? 

What about giving it a name? Mine is called Buttons! 

How does your doggy sound? 

What do they like to do? 

What about making them a cosy bed to sleep in? Or some food? 

How about making a friend for your doggy to play with!