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Open today 10am-5pm

Unlocking the Collection: Comfort Furniture screening + discussion with Elora Kadir

Join artist-in-residence Elora Kadir in conversation with artist-curator Jamila Prowse following a screening of Kadir’s film, Comfort Furniture.

Elora Kadir

This will be a free closing event for the Artquest Unlocking the Collection residency at Museum of the Home. The short film by Elora Kadir ponders the relationship we have to the objects in our home and the ways in which they bring us comfort.

As an artist-researcher, Elora has been spending the last few months delving into our collections.

“I started off looking for any traces of disability within the collection and then decided to widen it out to the idea of comfort and necessity.

I’m interested in the overlap between these two and how this overlap occurs when it comes to objects that we find accessible to use. However, it’s not just about the physical attributes of an object but also about the feel of it. Sometimes the most mundane objects can give us a feeling of comfort...”

Elora Research 1
Elora Research 2

About Elora Kadir

Elora Kadir is an artist working across a variety of media such as drawing, photography, video and found objects. Born and brought up in East London, she recently graduated from the Slade School of Art where her practice focused on her lived experience with disability and how this impacts our relationships with everyday life such as notions of comfort and bureaucracy within the lives of marginalised groups.


About Jamila Prowse

Jamila Prowse is never quite sure of her identity; her sense of self is in a continual state of flux. Some days she is an artist, others a writer, researcher or lecturer. Often, she feels disabled and can be found working from her sick bed; but some weeks she has a burst of feeling abled. As a mixed-race person, she has the benefit and difficulty of passing (as expressed by Sara Ahmed) and is living proof of the itinerant, mutability of identity formation (after Paul Gilroy). The one constant is that she is continually processing her ever-changing identity and lived experience through her practice; mining the innermost workings of her interior life in the hopes of demonstrating that no matter who we are, we are not alone. Presently, Jamila is an artist on UAL Decolonising Institute’s 20/20 programme and Sussex University’s Full Stack Feminism Project, where she will be making artistic visualisations of her ongoing research into disability inclusivity and cripping the art world. 

Wednesday 24 May 2023



Museum of the Home

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