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Open today 10am-5pm

My Home My Bari

Saturday 30 July to Sunday 30 October 2022 | Free to view - Lower Branson Coates

The second iteration of My Home My Bari, created by acclaimed East London-born artist and designer Rahemur Rahman.

My Home My Bari 1

The first iteration of My Home My Bari was exhibited in Brick Lane in November of 2021. Rahman was commissioned by Tower Hamlets Council to create a collaborative and singular installation to mark the 50th anniversary of the Independence of Bangladesh. The first iteration was curated over nine months, involving the research, development, and production of an art installation held at the prolific Kobi Nazrul Centre in the heart of Banglatown. Visitors were able to walk into an abstract interpretation of what a British Bengali home was like in 1971. 

For this second iteration of My Home My Bari, comissioned by Museum of the Home, Rahemur Rahman hosted a ‘Saturday club’ with seven young British Bangladeshi Muslim artists from January to July 2022. During each session, the young artists received training on how to interview family members, with the aim to seek honest narratives and a safe space for the women in their lives. This training was crucial, as the majority of the loved ones were telling their stories of heritage, identity and memories of the partition for the first time. 

This collective showcase has enabled the young artists to continue the legacy of My Home My Bari by sharing the lived experiences of the strong women they grew up with. The women they rarely saw being represented in the media, galleries, or museums they consumed whilst growing up here in London. 

My Home My Bari allows British Bengali young artists to also retell stories of their own identity through the support of practicing professionals who have similar lived experiences. Most importantly, it has provided the experience of the power and vitality of sharing stories in order to be recognised, honoured, and heard.

My Home My Bari is free to view, on display from Saturday 30 July to Sunday 30 October 2022

Exhibition Credits

Artistic Director - Rahemur Rahman

Curator - Matthew Needham

Curation Assistant - Katy Mason

Producer - Kazi Ruksana Begum

Graphic Design - Studio Palmetto, Justin Moore, Maria Maleh, Miso Maleh

Copywriter - Tahmina Begum

Scent Designer - Ezra Lloyd Jackson

Young Artists - Aishah Siddiqua, Anisah Yaminah, Muhammad Umayr Ahmed, Ruksar Rowza Aziz, Shumaita Misbahul, Silvia Rana, Tanjuma Hussain

Interview Training - Sheemtana Shameem

Film Training - Arushi Chugh

Exhibition Curation Training - Matthew Needham

About the artist

East London-born acclaimed artist and designer Rahemur Rahman was the first of Bangladeshi heritage to showcase at London Fashion Week in 2019 as well as the first to be represented in a fashion exhibition at the V&A Museum. Rahman has been accredited for his contributions towards communities through his work including a nomination for the British Fashion Council’s Changemakers prize for ‘Community and People’ in collaboration with Swarovski and the recipient of the Outstanding Achievement award by the British Bangladeshi Fashion Council in 2019.

Special thanks to Danielle Patten, Museum of the Home, Yahya Barry, National Museums Scotland, Royal Museums Greenwich