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Open today 10am–5pm

Rhymes Through Time

A multi-artwork installation, bringing to life the Rooms Through Time for younger visitors, created by children's poet Valerie Bloom MBE and illustrator-as-historian Kremena Dimitrova.

Throughout the Rooms Through Time | Free entry

Rhymes Through Time explores the role of children in the home throughout history through a combination of poetry and interactive design.

Listen to the poems

Introduced and read by poet Valerie Bloom

Commissioned by the Museum of the Home, the Rhymes Through Time were created by poet Valerie Bloom MBE and illustrator Kremena Dimitrova.

Rooms; The Dinner; What Has Happened to Gus; Neat; What Ladies Do © 2020/2021 Valerie Bloom

Meet the makers

Q&A - Valerie

Valerie Bloom told us about how she uses cooking and plants to make her house a home

Q&A - Kremena

We spoke to Kremena Dimitrova about the sights, smells and sounds that make her feel at home