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Radical Home: LOVE

Radical Home is our Museum Late programme. Radical Home: LOVE on 30 March 2023 saw just under 100 of us explore how loving ones self can be an empowering act.

We wanted to get away from the idea that self-care was just about scented candles and soaking in the bath, though it might start there for some. And we also wanted to acknowledge that radical change starts with small actions.

The panel included included the inspirational speakers Kayza Rose, Rebecca Seal and Laura Wyatt-Smith. Together we explored the through line from small personal changes to larger societal shifts; with more than 45 people in the very engaged audience there was much to talk about. 

Our journey also included tours of the Museum's new Real Rooms project; the tours were incredibly popular and visitors were very engaged, asked lots of questions and made several really valuable and considered contributions too.

What we learned

As the end of the panel talk, we asked the audience to write down the changes they wanted to make in their lives. This was a way for them to hold themselves to account. The responses were touching and also showed just how the discussion struck a chord. Responses included:

  1. Understanding that self care is not always easy
  2. Not feeling guilty
  3. Setting physical boundaries as well as mental [boundaries]
  4. To begin walking in the park again at least once a week
  5. Drink less!
  6. Work less, cook more
  7. Scheduling time for myself and respecting these deadlines instead of dropping them for other people
  8. Stop being delusional
  9. Turn off your phone more. Don't have guilt for not wanting to be social
  10. Attend more meetings in person
  11. Switch off more - treat myself
  12. Stop constantly checking my phone for work - instead keep aside dedicated times
  13. Working my hours at work, taking my full lunch break and finishing on time - not giving over and above and beyond at the detriment of my health. I matter.
  14. I'm going to (try) and start treating my time with as much respect as I show my friends' time
  15. Be available at set times in set ways at work - listen to my body and intuition - focus on my strengths and stop striving against my weaknesses
  16. Take time to eat vegetables as this makes me feel good!
  17. Setting boundaries with a self-centred family member - standing up for myself in a toxic work environment - spending more time doing something where I can let my mind wander instead of worry
  18. Switch off work - downtime; quality over quantity
  19. Believe in myself - set boundaries - feel worthy of miracles
  20. Asking for what I need and not taking responsibility for what isn't mine
  21. Rather than setting boundaries between ourselves with others, think about our needs for ourselves
  22. Not responding immediately - listening to myself - saying no without apologising
  23. Create more down time and focus on my art with the spare hours
  24. Formalise my work from home plan - go to the gym more often
  25. Put more energy into taking care of my mental health - seeing friends and feeling like I have enough energy to give
  26. Spend time without my phone - setting boundaries at work
  27. External stuff that impacts my capacity drains my battery, that I can't change and will repeatedly encounter - consider this
  28. Being alone can be good for me
  29. Taking country walks, switching off, making time for my husband (who always makes time for me), and enjoying my life without guilt