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Jazz up your background

Tired of looking at the same four walls? Use our downloadable backgrounds to rejuvenate your video calls.

Our Rooms Through Time show some of the ways in which homes and home life have evolved in the past 400 years.

For our reopening we've added two new rooms and given the others a refresh. We're bringing them to life with the stories of people who would have lived in similar homes.

All the images are mirrored and ready for use in your Zooms Through Time.

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1830s drawing room

Georgian living room with blue patterned wallpaper and wooden furniture

Take your next all staff meeting in our 1830s Room Through Time.

Key features include floor-to-ceiling windows dressed with fashionable and elaborate drapery.

Download the 1830s background

1970s front room

A room decorated with a red. flora carpet, yellow patterned wallpaper and a brown leather sofa

Catch up with family and friends from our 1970s front room. 

Filled with colour and pattern, the room is decorated with religious images, family photos and mementos from 'back home'. 

Download 1970s front room background

1630s Hall

Laundry hanging in front of a fire place in a wood paneled room

Celebrate your birthday online in our 1630s Room Through Time.

The large fireplace dominates the room, with the hearth being the traditional symbol of home and hospitality.

Download the 1630s background

1990s living space

Open plan living room and kitchen with blue sofa, brown leather armchair and black television set

Have your first virtual date in our 1990s Room Through Time. 

The defining feature is space: high ceilings and a wide expanse of window, furnished with industrial aesthetics and design classics.

Download the 1990s background

1870s Parlour

A room decorated in bright green colours with clashing floral patterns

Take an online class in our 1870s Room Through Time.

Bright, vivid colours and patterns dominate the room, which is decorated with paintings and house plants.

Download the 1870s background.


Rooms through time

How our homes have evolved