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Lessons in Gravity: a messy marriage

By Taiwo Ava Oyebola 

Time tangles itself in your hair, clings to your coat 

like an infant 

a siren’s song of Chinese whispers, the earth hears all the sins 

of heaven and the devil tells you to make peace 

with a dirty baptism 

the saints stomped the ground and covered 

their mouths from screaming hallelujah 


A sorrow flew by and came to burn 

reminding you that the best time to leave 

is early, quitting before the moon is underground 

puzzling the past he left you with 


The see-saw 

the green vines 

these silly little wounds 

this hunger 

to locate and nurture birds on an electric fence 


The day of judgement is always behind 

never in front of you. 

About Taiwo Ava Oyebola 

Taiwo Ava Oyebola is a theatre-maker, poet and critic from London. Her work has been performed at the Almeida Theatre, Theatre 503 and with Talawa Theatre Company. Her reviews can be found at The British Blacklist and Off/Stage zine. She is currently writing her first full length play, ‘funhouse mirrors’.


2022 Moth Youngpoets Heashots 10 Photo: Hayley Madden for Museum of the Home

Lessons in Gravity

Poems from Museum of the Home by The Young Poets Collective. Edited by Anthony Anaxagorou. Get a copy of the anthology from our shop


About the project

Lessons in Gravity is a collection of poems written by young people aged 15–24 exploring themes of power, identity and the legacy of colonialism at the Museum.