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Lessons in Gravity: Noises in the Garden

By Rose Schechter

Luck is to live in the garden 

For luck — 

We dig. We never leave. 


(I heard a rumour — a head 

Wet with rain living underground) 

Dig far enough — 

(8 arms I heard 9 10 maybe more 

Always grasping) 

Dig deeper — 


We’ve found bumblebees 

Twitching underneath 


A little further down — 

(Can bees mutate? Do these things grow?) 


So far — only compost. 


About Rose Schechter

Rose Schechter is a writer from London. She grew up in Walthamstow and now lives in Mile End. Her work has been published in Hobart, tenderness lit, Drunk in a Midnight Choir, Notes, and Bait, among other places. You can find her on Instagram @r0se.schechter


2022 Moth Headshots Large Photo: Hayley Madden for Museum of the Home

Lessons in Gravity

Poems from Museum of the Home by The Young Poets Collective. Edited by Anthony Anaxagorou. Get a copy of the anthology from our shop


About the project

Lessons in Gravity is a collection of poems written by young people aged 15–24 exploring themes of power, identity and the legacy of colonialism at the Museum.