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Open today 10am–5pm

On Railton Road and beyond: Remembering LGBTQ+ Homes

Join Dan de la Motte in a series of workshops exploring experiences of home, whether squatted, rented or owned. These workshops run alongside the Museum's hosting of On Railton Road, a play reenacting the LGBTQIA+ history of squatting in South London.


Museum of the Home is thrilled to be hosting a 3-week run of On Railton Road, a play reenacting the LGBTQIA+ history of squatting in South London, and the formation of the first housing co-ops. During the play's run at the Museum, we are excited to welcome creative practitioner Dan de la Motte back to host a series of workshops. The three workshops will explore shared experiences of Home in the city as LGBTQ+ people.


1: Drawn

Saturday 30 September

Dive back into your past living room, bedroom or bathroom. Through tracing and drawing, you’re invited to document past homes whether squatted, rented or owned. 


2: Sewn

Saturday 28 October

Join Dan de la Motte and Freddy Hardie to design your own patch inspired by housing policies and protests, both past and present. 

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3: Written

Saturday 25 November

In this final workshop we will employ creative writing and freewriting techniques to personally remember and celebrate LGBTQ+ homes and living, before sharing (however much you feel comfortable with) the writing with the rest of the group for a collective discussion.

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Dan De La Motte Headshot

About Dan de la Motte

Dan de la Motte is a performer, facilitator and creative practitioner, specialising in queer heritage and work for families and children. Recent and upcoming projects include On Railton Road (Museum of the Home), Maybe Moonbeam (silent movie made with Unity Arts) Rock n Roll Nature Revelation (with Timberlina, nationwide tour), Live to Tell: (A Proposal For) The Madonna Jukebox Musical (Clapham Omnibus & Camden People's Theatre) Be More Mushroom (as co-artist-in-residence at St Margaret's House). 

Saturday 30 September, Saturday 28 October, Saturday 25 November



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